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Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics 最新号に、弊社のCSOである藤谷幹浩の論文が掲載されました。


PMID: 31513280



The goal of ulcerative colitis (UC) treatment has recently been shown to be “mucosal healing”, as no drug directly induces mucosal healing. Probiotics possess sufficient safety, but their efficacy in the treatment of UC remains controversial because of the influence of the intestinal conditions. It is believed that the identification of bioactive molecules produced by probiotics and their application will help to solve this issue. We therefore identified a probiotic‐derived long‐chain polyphosphate as a molecule enhancing the intestinal barrier function. This study demonstrated that long‐chain polyphosphate exhibited anti‐inflammatory effects in a human macrophage and IL‐10 KO transfusion mouse model. The first‐in‐human trial showed that 7 of the 10 enrolled acquired clinical remission, 4 of whom achieved endoscopic remission despite a history of treatment with anti‐TNF‐α agents. No adverse reactions were observed. Long‐chain polyphosphate might be useful for the treatment of refractory UC, even in patients with failure or intolerance to anti‐TNF‐α therapy.


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