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Innovative New Drugs
from Hokkaido to the World

Highly effective medicines with fewer side effects for patients

with intractable diseases


Naoki OGAWA​


Mikihiro FUJIYA​

Kamui Pharma, Inc. was established in April 2018 as a drug discovery bio-venture originating from Asahikawa Medical University with the aim of contributing to the treatment of intractable diseases with high unmet medical needs.

Since our establishment, we have consistently worked on the pharmaceutical development of bioactive substances derived from probiotics (effective microorganisms), which are highly safe and have a treasure trove of novel mechanisms of action, based on our desire to "safe and creative new medicines from Hokkaido," and have conducted business activities with an eye on the global market.

In order to accelerate the creation of "probiotic medicines" through a full-scale drug discovery approach, we have established a joint research course "Department of Gastroenterology and Advanced Medical Science" at Asahikawa Medical University, and are also developing activities aimed at strategic partnering with pharmaceutical companies and others.

In the future, we intend to become a world-class, original drug developer and manufacturer by strengthening our own R&D capabilities, leveraging our characteristics as a drug discovery bio-venture originating from Asahikawa Medical University, and deepening our strong collaboration with a diverse group of experts by collaborating with pharmaceutical companies, academia, drug discovery contract companies, and many other fields.

We are determined to make further efforts to bring "probiotic medicines," which have fewer side effects and are highly effective, to patients as quickly as possible and to serve as good news for those who suffer from intractable diseases. As a leading company in the pharmaceutical industry, we will work hard to enhance our corporate value, stabilize our management, and earn the trust of all our stakeholders.

We appreciate your continued support.

August, 2019

Kamui Pharma, Inc​



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